Wooden Homes

A Home of comfort, enjoyment and harmony

In keeping with our core design principle of creating harmony with the natural surroundings, we are committed to building our wooden homes using Hokkaido lumber with designs that incorporate the characters of the landscapes. That, combined with our technical know-how of building for the northern climate, Sudo wooden houses are at once inviting, stylish, energy efficient and extremely well built. To create maximum comfort and energy efficiency, we deploy passive solar techniques such as house positioning and highly effective insulations. Together with the advanced ventilation system, central heating and a airtight construction, a Sudo wooden house provides a comfortable environment with no interior condensation and protection from the northern elements.

Hokkaido home

12 Elements of a Perfect House

1. A home that adapts to the scenery  We build homes in harmony with the natural・・・

2. No matter the direction  Producing interiors that don't experience large・・・

3. The upside of the one-room  Eliminating partitions between rooms and adopting・・・

4. Building in "reserve space"  By ntroducing foundation insulation and roof・・・

5. A comfortable living environment  Spaces, lines, colors, shapes, finishing ・・・

6. Kitchen communication  A kitchen is a studio, a place of creation. For this・・・

7. Nurturing children's dreams  Shouldn't the standard for judging the pros and・・・

8. The importance of touch  Some say, "A home is like a second skin." The beds,・・・

9. Experiencing the four seasons  e are bringing the "sukiya-zukuri" architectural・・・

10. And the furniture too  Sharing the home for a long time, the furniture cannot・・・

11. Passing it along  Structure and detailing aren't everything. Equally important ・・・

12. Building a Hokkaido home  While we at SUDO are heirs to Japan's ・・・