Kutosan house

I would like to introduce "Kutosan house" completed in Kutchan end of last year based on the concept of living to feel the natural with panorama everyday and shining space.
"Kutosan" means the name of the river flowing along this building.
The name of the place "Kutchan" also comes from "Kut-Shan Yee" in Ainu (meaning rapid flow down the cliff of strip-shaped rock).

In order to utilize the height difference at 1.5m between road and site, it has mixed RC structure for underground, and the new conventional construction method for 1st and 2nd floor.

Curtain wall in the corner of the atrium between 1st and 2nd floor.
Mountain view of Annupuri (Niseko) on the left side, and Mt. Yotei on the right side.
And it is also riverside house because Kutosan river flows in the right side as well.
Enjoy the view through the curtain wall with fire of wood stove!
"How luxurious it is!"

Barn from entrance hall.

Shoes room next to barn.
Wooden stick on the wall is for ski equipment.

Dry room next to shoes room, leads to the garage.
It is the drying area for washing and outdoor equipment as well.
Only Kutchan area could provide such unique spaces.

Entrance hall, corridor.
Underground has concrete finishing inside of RC external insulation method.

Entrance hall from the stairs to the 1st floor from the semi-basement.

DK from L in the 1st floor.
Having a pleasant meal with a nice view!

DL from K.
Overlooking the Niseko mountains and Mt. Yotei in the space with plenty of sunlight!

Original curtain wall utilizing laminated timber framing of Dosan larch.
※ Unfinished wood floor balcony. It will be constructed in spring.

Stairs and master bedroom from DL.
The hanging big door of master bedroom entrance gives big one space with living.

2nd floor's loft from stairs.
Ceiling fan of atrium is stirring air warmed by wood-burning stove.

Looking back atrium from the 2nd floor's loft.
This is the best panorama room of this house, looking forward to seeing outside's four seasons.

Looking down 1st floor from 2nd floor.
"The land decides the house, home is determined by the people."
This shed roof house with the pentagon projection is the "shape" of necessity born of the site shape, scenery and snow handling.