The first Sunrise in Lake Toya

A happy new year!
Thank you for you to watch my Photo Journal. I would like to show you the first sunrise in Lake Toya this year too. Because I woke up so early, I left at 5:00 am although the sunrise time is 7:00 am. It is warm this year, the temperature is just 0 ℃, and less snow. Although the weather forecast said it would be a bad weather, I could watch a calm sunrise.

5: 30 am
When I arrived at the town of Toyako Onsen before dawn, I could watch the morning star (Venus) and the crescent moon.
Even rescent moon can give the reflection of moonlight on the lake ...
The moon is bright enough to be surprised with the dark surroundings.
The moon moves 15 degrees per hour.
It is fast.
It is just excuse that I could not focus it when I used slower shutter speed.

Dawn had just broken.
The moon could stop with faster shutter speed since it was much brighter.
It is crescent.

Dawn at 7:00 am.
You can see Nakajima > Showashinzan > Mt. Usu (from the left side) over there.
It still had time to sunrise since there was a cloud on the horizon ...

Sunrise at 7:30 am.
"Banzai" with three fellows.
I wish everyone good luck for this year.

Look at my position when I took a sunrise!
I wanted to take it from a low angle.

The western shores with fallen trees is the meeting place every year.
Put myself in the midst of nature, I could start the new year drinking hot coffee that "master", my fellow gave me!
It is really a luxurious.

From this photo, these are the sceneries of the old Toya village lakeside on my way home. How crisp this morning is!
It is quite valuable since the landscape has no footprint.

There is no footprint?
That is the footprint of dog ...
Non of the nature is created by only human!