Concrete Homes

I want a home that suits me.
A unique home, with superior design,
and uncompromising quality throughout.
●The 12 advantages of SUDO HOME’s new “CONCRETE HOUSE” concept.
●01 Externally insulated reinforced concrete (RC) construction“Date No Ie” (Date House)
< Where the concept was born >
Externally insulated RC eliminates the traditional drawbacks of reinforced concrete houses and utilizes the heat capacity of reinforced concrete to store solar heat and minimize fluctuations in room temperature, making it an ideal choice for residential applications in cold climates.
●02 Superior life span
< Putting an end, at last, to “throwaway” residential housing in Japan >
Residential housing in Japan is finally moving away from disposable structures to structures that are long-lasting and are considered valuable assets. The concept of a “200-year home” has been gaining traction. As Japan increasingly prizes residential housing that will retain its value over time, externally insulated RC is poised to become the new standard for residential construction.
●03 Reinforced concrete insulation sandwich construction
< A technique and design unique to Japan >
The technology/design of off-form concrete made using precision molds is an original Japanese concept. SUDO HOME’s reinforced concrete insulation sandwich construction method takes this technology a step further, and affords an improved, maintenance-free product by using concrete as a surfacing material over the exterior insulation.
●04 Genuinely ecological homes with heat-retaining layers
< Heat-retaining homes >
Thanks to the body of exterior insulation, which acts like a “magic bottle,” solar heat, or the energy generated inside the home, are retained in the concrete, which helps the home to maintain a comfortable atmosphere 24 hours a day, year-round, and helps to save energy.
●05 Long-lasting exterior insulation
The term “externally insulated RC” is used only in Japan.
Insulating materials are of course applied to the exterior surfaces of walls in other countries, as well, but overseas there is no standard term similar to the Japanese “externally insulated RC” to refer to this specific type of concrete insulating method. The main features of externally insulated RC are:
1. superior material quality that can withstand the severe temperature changes and freezing/thawing that occur in Japan’s climate; and
2. superior resistance to carbonation due to acid rain.
●06 The possibilities of reinforced concrete homes
< Taking enjoyment of daily living to a new level >
Reinforced concrete offers superior durability against wind, water, fire, and sound resistance, and can be used to build partially buried homes on sloping land, or homes that are underground or have thin profiles, as well as for garages or music rooms, greatly expanding the range of building options. The properties of reinforced concrete make it ideal for building in picturesque locations that are exposed to high wind or considerable snowfall.
●07 Both the warmth and the physical presence of concrete can be realized
Comfortable, high-performance externally insulated RC homes, Vol. 1
< The uniqueness of a concrete home >
Upon completion only the owner can fully appreciate the substantial, physical presence that concrete provides. A concrete home can make its owner feel as if it is the physical embodiment of his or her ideal lifestyle.
●08 Both the warmth and the physical presence of concrete can be realized
Comfortable, high-performance externally insulated RC homes, Vol. 2
< The concept of “a timeless, attractive physical presence” >
09 I want to live in a designed space, Vol. 1
< This will be a homeowner requirement in the coming years >
The magnificence of a “designed space” is achieved as a result of precise calculations. It is not a skin-deep kind of beauty. SUDO HOME believes that it is important to build harmonious, balanced “standard homes” that have a solid skeleton and structure, while at the same time incorporating a wide range of novel elements and functionality.
●10 I want to live in a designed space, Vol. 2
< Harnessing the power of creativity to build the ideal home >
A living space in which the contrasting shadows makes one aware of the slow passage of time. Bedrooms that are perfectly quiet. Bathrooms that show off the unadorned concrete. Construction materials that impart a natural, airy feel. The textures of each are carefully considered.
●11 Homes that take everything into consideration
< An all-inclusive housing concept >
There are many things to consider when building a home – finances, environmental issues, energy usage, and earthquake proofing, in addition to, of course, the layout, lighting design, color scheme, and furniture selection and arrangement – that will turn it into a living space that has your family’s future, or perhaps your old age, in mind.
●12 Home as an asset
< Preserving the value of your asset >
The concept of the “200-year home” has become the theme of residential housing in recent years.
People are now demanding long-lasting value. Durability is not enough – a higher standard is being expected.
Externally insulated reinforced concrete construction is the performance standard for residential housing in the future.
SUDO HOME’s Five Requirements
1. The concept must be sound.
2. The concept must be able to withstand the passage of time.
3. The design must conform to the highest standards.
4. The design of the structure must allow for flexible use.
5. Precise design of the structure’s fundamental performance.